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What are the things you can do to ensure that your laptop never overheats?

  • Clean the fan. Always clear the fan of dust and dirt that has built up inside. This allows for maximum airflow to get inside and keep all the components cool.
  • Aim for optimal performance. If a laptop isn’t running properly, it’s probably because they aren’t running efficiently. Monitor the performance of your computer and adjust it to suit its power levels
  • Keep an eye on the keyboard. Your keyboard is one of the worst places to collect dust and particles. Wipe the keyboard clean and get all the grit out to prevent it from clogging up over time
  • Wipe the casing. As obvious as it sounds, giving the casing a good clean will reduce a lot of the problems. This removes any dust from all of the ports and the monitor and keeps everything nice and cool
  • Get it checked regularly.  If you aren’t sure about anything, always get someone to check your machine frequently. This will then alert you to any issues and then solve them in a timely fashion.

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