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How can we prevent overheating of a laptop?

  • At the Laptop Spa, we are dedicated to helping you learn how to stop your laptop from overheating as well as giving it a good service. Therefore, there are several steps that we recommend for you to follow whenever you use a laptop:
  • Give it a rest. There is never a need to leave your laptop running 24/7. Therefore, set it to sleep or put it on standby when you are not using it. If it feels exceptionally hot, set it down and switch it off and allow for it to cool before you go back to it
  • Manage power levels. A surprising fact is that most laptops only ever use around 30% of their processing speeds. Unless you are playing a game or watching videos, there is never a need to use the device on full power. As both Windows and MacBooks have power saver options, switch these on to ensure that everything stays at optimum temperature
  • Never block fans and vents. One of the main causes of overheating is that the fan or cooling vents are blocked. Therefore, always use your laptop on solid service and that nothing is blocking the vents. Never leave computers on a blanket or bed as these are especially notorious for blocking fans.
  • Use the correct accessories to cool the laptop. Manufacturers are more than aware of overheating and therefore, they have designed several tools to help keep them cool during use. Some companies have designed a “breathable” keyboard that will allow air to flow in between the keys and have become a popular accessory for ultrabooks and notebooks. In addition, gamers can also look to invest in a cooling pad for their system which can help the internal mechanics cool when running high-graphic games.

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